Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When you're in a hole...

As for the title, it's the beginning of some advice for Micheal Brown. Go here and scroll to the section labelled "Brown 'happy to be a scapegoat'".

Go down to the fourth paragraph and you find this little gem:

Brown testified he had been "tired and misspoke" when he told television interviewers September 1 that he learned of the convention center situation only that day, saying that he actually had learned of it one day earlier.

Tired and misspoke? Okay, so he had an additional 24 hours warning, and still lied about the people at the convention center being fed up to two meals a day, when they'd been without food for up to four days?

That goes beyond inexcusable, and it's a perfect example of two things that went wrong with the entire federal response. They weren't doing the things they could, and should, have done... and they were doing their damnedest to make it look good anyway.

If this is why Bush will say that "Brownie" is doing a heck of a job, we should ponder about why he praises other subordinates.

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