Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nasty suspicious feelings...

This has nothing to do with the recent indictment of I. Lewis Libby today... but it does deal with Libby's boss. It was an interesting, and ugly, thought that crossed my mind.

Vice President Cheney recently had a 45 minute meeting, asking for the McCain amendment to the military spending bill to have an exception, allowing the CIA to torture captives.

(Let's not mince words and talk about "aggressive interrogation techniques"; they might not be talking about branding irons or skinning knives, but they are talking about things that, if they were done to you and me, we would call them torture.)

It suddenly hit me. Why on earth would Cheney talk about this? The President has threatened a veto... why wouldn't President Bush do the talking?

Let's face it; the Veep is supposed to be the President's servent, right? Why send the servent if this is something so important that it requires the first use of a veto by this President, ever?

Could it be that the Veep is the President's servent, in fact? The one who will tell the lies, and engage in the dirty things that the President doesn't want to touch?

Isn't it curious that one of the selling points used to talk about Dick Cheney is that he is not going to run for President himself?

Cheney tried to derail the 9/11 probe. Cheney held meetings to broker the energy bill. Cheney was the most outspoken supporter of war with Iraq.

I don't know if I'd want to try to prove this, but now it's starting to look like, every time there's an issue where the President would want to be able to deny involvement, Cheney's been there.

But how can President Bush honestly deny involvement, if Cheney's involved? Are we supposed to believe that Cheney is a free agent, acting on his own? Are we to pretend that Bush couldn't rein him in, if he wanted to?

I've long felt that President Bush does a lot of things by working purely on appearances. For example, he'll claim to care about our soldiers, and yet, there still won't be enough body and vehicle armor, and will still be cutbacks in VA... but he says he cares about the soldiers, and keeps up appearances, and that's enough.

Now I'm starting to think I'm more correct than I'd believed. Cheney: the evil twin.

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