Sunday, April 02, 2006

Battlefield captures...

One of the myths of Guantanemo is that the people are the worst of the worst. They are frequently described as "battlefield captives."

Of course, this entire notion falls apart on closer examination. The reason that the people at Guantanemo aren't given POW status is that they weren't enemy soldiers wearing a distinctive uniform, fighting honorably on the battlefield. They were sneaky terrorists who hid their indentities. They couldn't both be clearly identifiable as "the bad guys" and be battlefield captives who are undeserving of Geneva Conventions protections because they operate in secrecy.

Here, we see that it's not merely misleading to say that they are battlefield captives; it's flat out untrue. People have been placed in Guantanemo without having been anywhere near the battlefield.

Now, however necessary having a place like Guantanemo might be in theory, when dealing with a shadow war against al Quaeda, the Bush administration has once again been shown to have lied about important aspects of it.

How can they be trusted, after so many mis-steps, and so many lies?

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