Saturday, April 22, 2006


Here, we discover a terrible lapse in national security. The Bush administration has cleared some 30% of the inmates of the Guantanemo prison for release!

Now, we know that these are dangerous terrorists, the worst of the worst, captured on the battlefield, so there is no reason to ask stupid, treasonous questions like "do all of these people deserve to be locked up, and given no recourse to challenge their detention?

So why is the Bush administration allowing this travesty of justice?

Unless... I mean... gosh.

What a horrifying thought.

Does this mean that the Bush administration lied to us about these captives? They weren't all the worst of the worst? We should have been concerned about how they were treated? They should have had the ability to challenge their detentions? Their families and friends deserved to know what had happened to them?


Either the Bush administration has to confess to a truly noxious set of lies to defend an indefensible human rights violation for these people.

Or, they're set to release a bunch of the worst of the worst back into the world.

Oh, no, don't tell me I've been lied to by my government!

I'm so ... disillusioned!
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