Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cynicism about the latest 'scandal'

Bush is upset. (Possible registration or a trip to bugmenot.com required)

People are talking about a secret bank monitoring program. Except... well, it wasn't that secret. It's been talked about before. It's just, this time, it was spread a bit more widely, and said a bit louder.

You know, one of the things the Bushies really hate is to see their Great Leader acting defensively. They love to see him go on the attack.

Let's see. The US kills an important terrorist three years after having passed up the opportunity to kill him. Bush flies to Iraq, and says the new leader is really, really good, so y'all can ignore all the bad news out there. And now, the President has a brand new scandal to attack, and talk tough about.

Does anyone else think that these leaks were a well timed attempt to play to the base, at the same time as the Republicans started to make loud noises about gay marriage and flag burning?

It's evidently too risky to wait for an October Surprise, so the administration appears to be trying to pull out the stops now.

Unfortunately for them, I believe even their hardcore partisans are beginning to see through the "kill the messenger" rhetoric. I can't imagine, for instance, that these continued revelations about the ever-deeper mining of Americans' personal data are going to play well with the libertarian wing of the Republican Party, now matter how loudly Bush tries to distract them with media-treason saber-rattling.
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