Thursday, June 08, 2006

You can't make this up...

From "No More Mister Nice Blog" a zinger that you really would have a hard time imagining if it wasn't real.


(if you're too lazy to click, the maximum fine for mine safety violations was raised... to about 2/3rds of the maximum fine for indency on the airwaves. Because, you know, people dying while trapped underground is nothing compared to Janet Jackon's accidental boob-flash or George Carlin's "Seven words".


Because tits and naughty words are so more of a threat to society than industrial accidents.

(The link isn't working, BTW, and it's long enough that it overruns the layout column in my browser. I think you need to wrap it in proper "a href=" tags for it to work in Blogger...)
Nice blog, John. You express yourself very well, and your sensibilities parallel my own almost perfectly. I particularly liked paragraph 12 in the post below. (One of the biggest problems about honest debate...)
That meme should be posted as comment on as many liberal blogs as you can get it on. It strikes me as the perfect counter to the trolls favourite poo-flinging accusation.
Actually, I do hate Bush, but it's because of what he does, not who he is.
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