Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bill Frist - trustworthy?

Bill Frist has some thoughts....

Bill Frist had some other thoughts about other topics, as well.

Now, why do I tie these two sets of thoughts together?

Well, in both cases, he's making assertions without sufficient evidence to back them up.

In other words, he's talking out of his ass.

Whoops. That was my "out-loud" voice, wasn't it?

There's a difference, one that's crucially important. What is that difference?

The difference is, when interfering in a private medical decision, all of the information he needed was available on public web sites on the internet.

He could check the law, and see that the law was clear. He could have checked the decision making process, and seen that it was clear. He could have checked the court cases, and seen they were all decided in accordance with the law and with an eye towards doing what Terri would have wanted, if she was able to speak.

When it comes to claiming that the abominable law will allow helpful intelligence operations, he can't find that out. It's all stamped "secret".

I'm sure he has the personal assurance of President Bush that the law was necessary, and the programs were yielding good intelligence, but, you know, I'm not sure I can trust President Bush's word.

Do you remember, he said that he invaded Iraq based upon good, solid intelligence? Yeah, and then, do you remember George Tenet's "slam dunk" comment? Right before Tenet said that, George W. Bush correctly pointed out that it wasn't good, solid intelligence. So, George Bush lied about intelligence issues already, to avoid embarrassing himself.

You know you can't trust Bush; so why would Frist trust Bush about something like this?

More importantly, why should anyone trust Frist, when we know that he'll say things that make him look good without checking out publicly available facts?

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