Thursday, September 28, 2006

"Did adroit Democrats take away one of the GOP's best issues?"

No. They gave up the best issue anyone could ever have asked for.

"This is what the Republicans will do. They don't care if innocent people are captured. They don't care if innocent people are tortured. They don't care if innocent people are convicted of some of the most heinous crimes imaginable."

Maybe George W. Bush needs torture and unlawful imprisonment of innocent people to keep this country safe. But a real man wouldn't. A brave man, a strong leader, would reject such terrible tools.

Moral men don't torture, and brave men aren't even tempted. Ethical men want every captive to have a day in court to prove the capture was justified - or, to release the captive, with an apology for having made a mistake. And men who love freedom, and justice, demand fair trials.

George W. Bush has just rejected all of these, and I despise that he has done so. But I despise his enablers that much more.

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