Monday, September 18, 2006

An interesting footnote to a tiny bit of nastiness is here... a follow-up to the story of the penis pump that was claimed - or so it was thought - to be a "bomb".

Did you know that some foreign speakers have a hard time getting the difference between p and b? Same lip motion, just a difference in how it's expressed.

Makes "pump" sound a lot like "bumb" which sounds a lot like "bomb".

Why, why, why did this take longer than an hour to straighten out? Put the guy in a private room, ask "what is this?", "what did you say it was?" and make him write it down. Then let him board the flippin' plane.

And yes, I know, blah blah, must take security threats seriously, blah blah, don't joke with screeners and security, blah, blah, and blah. I remain of the opinion that with a little bit of thinking, this could have been avoided.

For any rightwingers who want to claim I'm "angry" or "furious" or somesuch over this, no... I'm annoyed that a non-threat got a significant of time and energy when it didn't have to. That's time and energy not spent taking care of real issues. Good security isn't just "catching the threats". It's also avoiding the non-threats.

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