Thursday, September 28, 2006

A very small thing

There's one consolation about this detainee terror bill. One good thing, that I can hold up as a small gain.

See, you can't invoke your Fifth Amendment rights against self incrimination unless you're at risk of some criminal penalty. That's how they can force people to testify, after giving them immunity from prosecution.

One of the primary bars to learning the truth will be out of the way. Everyone who's been involved in this sick, sorry, sadistic mess will be able to be forced to testify. And that means there's a chance to wake people up to what's been going on.

And there'll still be the outcry, that we're not supposed to care what kind of nastiness is done to other human beings, because those other human beings are accused of terrorism. And who knows, it might be loud enough to win the battle.

You Republican supporters - you ain't afraid that we might dig up something horrible, are you? Scared that the truth might look bad? Support a full investigation... if you've got the courage to do what's right.

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