Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Al Gore's use of electricity

There's been a bunch of garbage in the blogsphere because Al Gore has apparently been using a lot of electricity in his home in Tennessee. Coincidentally, this was timed to release right after he won an Academy Award, which shows that it was intended to hurt him, to try to put a bad news story on the wires to try to counter the good press he'd receive for his work on promoting awareness of global warming.

Okay, let me get one thing clear starting off.

I wish Al Gore used less electricity.

I'm trying to build my life around a "live simply" philosophy, to minimize my footprint on the world.

But I am not Al Gore, and Al Gore is not me.

Al Gore is not preaching that one should reduce one's contribution to the waste stream. Al Gore is not preaching that one should reduce one's use of non-polluting energy. Al Gore is not preaching that one should give up some of the luxuries that money can buy and use that money to help others.

Al Gore is preaching that people should reduce their CO2 footprint.

And he is living up to that standard. He is walking the walk, in addition to talking the talk.

His talk is not mine; that means his walk doesn't have to be mine either. If he talked my talk, he'd have to walk a different walk, but he's not.

Part of what he's been saying all along is that we don't have to be harmed by a commitment to reduce carbon emissions; that he can have a really nice house, and use a lot of power, and still have a neutral carbon footprint proves that he's telling the truth.

Yes, not everyone can buy carbon offsets and afford to buy green power. Yes, he's using money to do something that other people can't do as easily. If you find that horribly unfair, well, I've got some bad news for you: life is unfair. The rich are able to do things that the poor can't do, for lack of money.

I wish Al Gore wasn't using as much electricity as he's using; I think he could be a better example.

But he is living up to the standard he set. Those who call him a hypocrite are liars.

Same old Swift-boating nonsense, from many of the same old voices. It doesn't seem to bother Gore, so it doesn't bother me if they want to focus their vitriol on him instead of people who are actually, you know, running for president. (-:
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