Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An analogy

The surgeons looked down at the knife jutting out of the victim's chest. Right now, it was the only thing keeping the patient alive. Was there a chance? Yes... a very slim one. Once the knfe was removed, if everything went right, they might be able to save the patient's life.

One scared little man kept saying "no!" warning about the consequences; "If you take that knife out, it will be murder!" he insisted. He was, of course, the man who'd stabbed the victim. Once that knife came out, though he'd insist that the doctors had been the one who caused the problem, everyone would know that he was the one who'd caused the problems - and yes, was a murderer, if his victim ended up dying.

Eventually, the cops dragged him away, and no one felt the least bit sorry for him. Yes, he was probably going to be known as a murderer from this day on, but it was his choice, his decision, that made him so.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if real life worked that way? If you invaded a nation, and caused that nation all kinds of grief, and it was clear that your invasion had failed, and it was time to withdraw the military forces, if you couldn't keep denying the consequences of your actions? If you couldn't keep saying "leave the troops in because if they leave, everyone will know I failed!"

Wouldn't it be really nice if people couldn't whine about how the Democrats could cause problems if they remove the knife from the patient, and instead blame the person who stuck the knife in in the first place?

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