Sunday, July 22, 2007

Impeach George W. Bush

This is a great article..

There's only one thing wrong with it. It points to the deaths of one of our servicemen as a reason that shows that George W. Bush should be impeached for pushing a war using deceptive and fraudulent means.

The best estimates we have say that, for every member of the US military who has died as a result of this war, around 200 Iraqis have died.

I am horrified that over 3600 of our best and brightest have died in this monstrosity of a war... but I'm also a bit horrified that they are the only ones who seem to matter to folks in the US.

We have good reason to believe that over 600,000 Iraqis have died as a result of this war. Try to imagine that number. Try to imagine those people.

If you're a rightwinger who thinks war is a "foreign policy tool", try to remember that they are human beings. Like all human beings, they're sometimes nasty, and cruel, and selfish, and mean-spirited, but when faced with a clear and obvious choice, between doing right, and doing wrong, so many of them will pick doing right that it can bring tears to your eyes.

Oh, some of them would cut you off in traffic, and give you the finger while doing it. Some of them would steal your stereo if you leave your door unlocked. Some of them you wouldn't trust in a dark alley... or even a well-lit one. But even most of those folks, if you put them in a situation where they can see the real costs of their actions, where they can't deny the pain they'll cause if they do the wrong thing, will do the right thing.

Take any ridiculously high percentage you want to; say that 10% of the people who died were horrible, awful people, people who "needed killing," as if that phrase could have any meaning. You still have a horribly large number of people who have died who were just ordinary, decent people who deserved their chance at life and at happiness.

George W. Bush does not deserve to be impeached and removed from office only because of the soldiers who have died because of his deceptions. He also bears the guilt of all of the damage that he has caused to Iraq, and to the Iraqi people.

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