Sunday, July 29, 2007

Which came first?

So, I was reading a comment about how we liberals don't have any judicial values, just a bunch of things we want the courts to impose, and I finally asked myself a question. Which came first, the hatred or the lies? You know, like the old riddle about which came first, the chicken or the egg, and it's crazy because it seems like an unending cycle, but you know it had to start somewhere.

What came first? Was it that these folks hated liberals so much that they'd make up whatever lies seemed convenient? Or was it that they started lying for convenience's sake, and that started spreading the hatred?

The plain and obvious fact of the matter is, liberals do have judicial values. Liberals want the rights of the people as individual to be protected as they are intended to be protected by the Constitution.

In Griswold versus Connecticut and Roe versus Wade, liberals cheered the decisions because it said that the people have the right to be left alone by government, the government did not have a right to prevent people from making certain decisions about reproductive health.

In Brown versus Board of Education, liberals cheered that the courts decided that you can't have "separate, but equal", and that states would be forced to stop shirking their duties to educate black children. (The results of Brown weren't pretty... which means it's a shame that a better solution was not found before the courts had to get involved.)

And school prayer should be a no-brainer to the Christians who are always whining about it... Jesus didn't want public prayer in the first place. But even there, it's protection of the right of individuals not to have agents of the state pushing religion on them.

In each of these famous cases, it's a matter of one powerful organization or another trying to ignore the rights of individuals, and liberals celebrating the courts' unwillingness to allow that behavior to continue.

An honest debater, or, hell, a sensible human being, will recognize this and will see the patterns. But folks who lie will pretend they don't, and folks who hate are irrational. So, again, we have to ask, which came first, the hatred or the lies?

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