Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Why the new FISA bill is bad

There's been much talk about the recent modifications to FISA, and much of it castigating the Democrats for rolling over and playing dead. And that's deserved, but I think the reason it's so well deserved might have been missed by some people.

Why should this law be scuttled? What's horribly wrong with it?

Well, first off, the Democrats worked with the director of national intelligence to get the technical changes that the feds needed to avoid truly stupid barriers, like not being able to spy on a phone call from Saudi Arabia to Syria between two members of Al Qaeda, if the call went through am American router.

But then George W. Bush said more was needed.

Now, when George W. Bush says something is needed, we have to be careful. He said that we needed to invade Iraq. Was he right? No. He said we could handle Iraq. Was he right? No.

In the past, he said that the spying he was doing was lawful and necessary... and yet, suddenly, he's eager to see the law changed, and Boehner suggests that a recent court decision might be to blame for this. So, he said it was legal, and when the court took a look at it, they said "no". So, was he right then? No. Is he right now? Come on, folks... let's be honest with ourselves.

George W. Bush can't be trusted. Even if we could trust him to be honest - and it's clear that we can't - how on earth can we trust him to be competent?

If he says that the provisions he's demanding are necessary and won't be abused, how on earth could we consider that a worthwhile opinion? How stupid would we have to be to trust him when he says such a thing?

I mean, is it that he was so on-the-ball about war planning? How about because of his sterling reputation for disaster recovery? Or his brilliant response to the agent who went to his ranch in Crawford and warned him about Al Qaeda: "All right. You've covered your ass."

Look, I don't like kicking a man when he's down, but let's get real. How stupid would we, the American people, have to be before we'd trust this bozo's judgment?

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