Thursday, October 11, 2007

Michelle Malkin is crazy...

... or at least that's one theory.

Michelle Malkin is claiming Hilary Clinton "threatened S-CHIP critics".

How? Here's how:
Some conservative bloggers suggested the family of Graeme Frost had granite counters in its Baltimore home and could afford health insurance. The family said its counters are made of concrete.

"I don't mind them picking on me; they've done it for years," Clinton said to laughter from the audience at Symphony Hall in Boston. "You know, I think I've proven I can take care of myself against all of them.

"But President Bush and the Republicans should lay off Graeme Frost and all the other children who are getting health care because we have decided to do the right thing in America," Clinton said.

OMG! Hilary Clinton said that they should lay off Graeme Frost! Why, that's a threat in any jurisdiction... um... no, wait.

Actually, calling that a threat doesn't even make sense.

Then again, neither does it make sense to say that folks there's a campaign to "silence" the right. But she did that too. Hmm.

All the while claiming to be a good journalist because she asks loaded questions in public, and promotes speculation, rather than actually doing a journalist's job and trying to find real answers.

Oh, Michelle? If you called the Frosts, and asked them calm, polite, questions in good faith that didn't dig into areas that are none of your business, then you'd be a journalist. Folks quite rightly find it creepy when you snoop around in secret, and spread speculation without even bothering to try to figure out the facts.

Here's an example:

Here’s the Baltimore Sun’s nutroots-approved follow-up piece
on the Frost family, using a single, rotten comment by a stupid RedState commenter to tar all conservative bloggers as hatemongers. Interestingly, the Sun asked the Frost parents to verify their claimed income and the couple declined. Also, the Sun reported that all four of the children attend private schools, not just two. The paper is silent on when the family started receiving claimed tuition breaks and how much the family spent on private-school tuition each year prior to the accident–i.e., at a time when they chose not to buy private health insurance.

There's nothing "interesting" about folks refusing to give rightwingers more ammunition to attack them with. They've already been vilified; why risk inviting more by letting folks give information about their finances?

So, calling it interesting, and claiming the newspaper was "silent" on an issue that probably never came up is nasty speculation... it's suggesting that there's dirt to be found when you don't have evidence.

What's more important than this is, it's irrelevant. Vilifying the Frosts won't change one essential fact of the matter. They are eligible under state rules; they asked if they could be offered help, they were offered help, and they took it. If you don't like the eligibility, whine to the state, but quit insinuating that there's something wrong with the Frosts.

That's why folks are using ugly words like "stalker" when you're snooping in the background. And it's the other nastiness that the Frosts are facing that are causing people to use words like "harassment". Because what you're doing is going on the attack, not trying to find the truth.

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