Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The perfect illustration...

This is the perfect illustration of how screwed up our country has been for the past several years.

Because of the hatred of Bill Clinton, a bunch of people decided that Wayne Dumond, a serial rapist, couldn't have been that bad a guy. After all, the guy had raped a distant cousin of Bill Clinton's, and thus, obviously, Clinton hadn't let him go. So Mike Huckabee did. He didn't do it directly; he just pushed the parole board to grant him parole. And now he wants to pretend he had nothing to do with it... but that's not the main point here.

The main point is this: the right wing in this country has gone so far into the politics of destruction that their attacks on Bill Clinton made it seem reasonable to release a serial rapist. They were so sure that everything Clinton did was wrong that they didn't bother to check the facts.

Let me emphasize this, just so it's clear: ordinarily, a Republican is the last person you'd expect to push for any form of clemency for a violent criminal. They were so blinded by their attacks on Clinton that they went against their very nature in trying to get Dumond released.

This isn't just "hardball politics". Hardball politics would have had the rightwing wanting Dumond rotting in jail so they could keep railing against the injustice perpetrated by Clinton. And ordinary politics would have wanted Dumond in jail until he'd served his sentence. This was blindness, caused by wild ideological ravings.

It's what's got them insisting that Iraq was a good idea; it's what's got them thinking Guantanemo is a good idea; it's what's got them thinking that wholesale violations of FISA are a good idea. If it helps the Democrats, it's bad... so they have to go on the attack.

And we know how far they can go. Yes, Huckabee is just one man... but I doubt he's the kind of guy who's sympathetic to rapists normally. He got caught up in the tide.

Just like so many have... so many people still claim that the Democrats don't want to fight terrorism, because they think there's a better way to fight, than a war in Iraq that has weakened our military and left us unprepared for a war against a real threat. So many still claim the Democrats want to treat terrorists with kid gloves because they want to make absolutely sure that folks we're holding *really are* terrorists, and that we use effective interrogations techniques, that get good, solid intelligence, instead of torture which, aside from being an abomination, gets bad information. And some folks will still insist that the Democrats don't want the government to spy on terrorists, just because they insist that Bush follow the law.

It's a blindness, and a sickness, and it has to stop.

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