Friday, October 05, 2007

Recent bits about Coulter and Limbaugh

So, I saw an excerpt from Ann Coulter's latest, where she says "As for my own — as yet — uncensored language, you have to either be retarded or work for the Soviet thought police not to understand that much of what I say is a joke (admittedly, never as funny as the reaction)."

Actually, I think the big issue is not that Coulter thinks that much of what she says should be treated as a joke... it's that she thinks that anything she says should be taken seriously. Face it, once you admit that you're willing to say anything for a laugh (or to stir up controversy), and thereby make money, I don't see how you can also ask to be taken seriously about anything.

So, sure, when she said "we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity," sure, it was a joke. But when someone finds something like that worth laughing about, how can you take anything else they say seriously?

Recently, she suggested that women shouldn't have the right to vote, because then folks like her wouldn't have to worry about another Democratic President. Let's see, we might have avoided the 9/11 attacks, the war in Iraq, and had competent government leadership during the Katrina aftermath, we might have avoided losing the trust and respect of our allies over torture and black sites, and we might still have a balanced budget... but instead we had George W. Bush at the helm. And she thinks women voters are stupid because they might have given us Gore or Kerry? I won't suggest that men shouldn't vote, but I hope Coulter doesn't, and by god do I hope she doesn't reproduce.

In the meantime, Rush Limbaugh complained that it's "the phony" soldiers who suggest that putting their lives at risk fighting a pointless war in Iraq that has no end in sight. The "real soldiers," his caller pointed out, are "proud to serve". People have complained that Rush doesn't support the troops; others have insisted that he does.

I have to say, I'm a bit in awe of the Republicans, who enable the Limbaughs and Coulters of the world. Only they could have the audacity to claim that it's "supporting" the troops to send them halfway around the world, to work long, grueling hours doing dangerous tasks, knowing full well that at any point in time, something could happen and they could end up dead, all so that, after four years of this, we'd have them stuck in a country on the brink of civil war, and be extending their deployments. However, the suggestion that the "real" troops are "proud to serve" and the phony troops are opposed is misleading to say the least.

Just about all of the soldiers are proud to serve. The job is too hard, and the rewards too few, for folks to be able to handle it if they aren't proud to serve. But being proud to serve doesn't mean you can't look at the situation we're in now, and admit that it was a huge waste, or that you can't notice that it's cost a hell of a lot more than it could possibly be worth.

If I wasn't exhausted by the many years of this crap, I'd say that "what upsets me most is that there are people who think Limbaugh and Coulter are thoughtful analysts". These days, it's hard for me to get upset at anything those clowns do, but it is, I admit, frustrating.

They're attacking their fellow Americans; they're not merely debating, or playing hardball politics, they are attacking Americans. They are cashing in by taking America's biggest strength, its unity, and trying to destroy it. And there was a time when that would lead to a short trip to the unemployment line. Now, there's big bucks in it, and a major political party supporting it.

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