Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veteran's day, 2007

I think it's appropriate that Veteran's day started out as Armistice day. It was not a celebration of the war, but of the end of the war.

Why should we honor our veterans? Because they were called upon to do an ugly, nasty job that no one should ever have to do, and they answered the call, and did it.

No one should be forced to take the lives of other soldiers, or worse, innocent people. No one should be forced to be in a situation in which they must constantly be aware that they might have to kill or be killed. No one should have to put the business of their life on hold, so that they can take part in the business of death.

We shouldn't expose our worst enemies to such horrors, but we expose some of our best, bravest citizens to them.

We should honor our veterans; we owe them no less. But we should also apologize to them, and promise solemnly that we shall send no one else to fight, unless there truly is no other choice.

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