Thursday, November 01, 2007

You should be sick...

Americans everywhere should be sick by now of this kind of talk:

When Mr. Bush was asked whether he considered waterboarding illegal, he said he would not discuss specific methods used in the interrogation of suspected terrorists. "It doesn’t make any sense to tell the enemy whether we use those techniques or not," he said.

"And the techniques we use by highly trained professionals are within the law," the president said. "That’s what’s important for America to know."

Mr. Bush, let me spell this out for you.


Your word is worthless. If you say something is true, and we can only know by taking your word for it, no one, anywhere, has any reason to believe you.

You had your people claim that the aluminum tubes Iraq requested were used for centrifuges at a time when everyone knew that they were being used to reverse engineer rockets.

You claimed that British intelligence had found something that the US had thoroughly debunked.

You claimed that eavesdropping on folks required a warrant, while you knew you were violating the law and the Constitution.

It doesn't matter if you lied in each of these instances; maybe in the first two, you were too stupid, too incompetent, to know better. Does it matter? It shows that your words aren't worth a plugged nickel; you will say things that aren't true, because you can't be bothered to learn the truth. And, you've flat out lied. You, the man responsible for upholding the law, lied to us about violating it.

And every time there's some information that could completely exonerate you from the accusations that rise up, well, gosh, you'd love to show us, but it's secret. Every single time; every single accusation.

So, you see, if it's really important for Americans to know that you can be trusted, it's time to put up, or shut up. Give proof, proof positive, or you simply can't be trusted at all. Whether you don't want to tell the truth, or refuse to learn it, we have no reason to suspect anything you say is true.

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