Friday, February 22, 2008

How the right wing argues...

So, during the debate last night, Obama said the following:
"You know, I've heard from an Army captain who was the head of a rifle platoon -- supposed to have 39 men in a rifle platoon," he said. "Ended up being sent to Afghanistan with 24 because 15 of those soldiers had been sent to Iraq. And as a consequence, they didn't have enough ammunition, they didn't have enough humvees. They were actually capturing Taliban weapons, because it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander in chief."

And it's been fact checked. They didn't have enough ammunition, nor did they get the vehicles they were supposed to have. They did, in fact, use weapons captured from the Taliban from time to time.

The Corner on National Review, and Ace of Spades as well as think that they didn't use captured weapons often enough for Obama to say that they used captured weapons.

Well, re-read the quote from Obama! He said that they actually captured Taliban weapons (for use, obviously), because that was easier than getting supplied properly. He didn't say they *only* used Taliban weapons, or that they *mostly* used Taliban weapons.

Ah, but mere factual correctness isn't good enough! No, because... because...

...well, because, you know, if he said something true and reasonable, they would look like angry idiots for attacking him.

Hm. Something about ducks comes to mind, something about looking, walking, and quacking... well, it can't be all that important.

Now that political silly season is full upon us, this is a useful thing to remember. The folks who are interested in telling the truth, who criticized Obama originally, well, they'd all admit it; Obama was right. What he said was true, and any exaggeration was only in the minds of his critics.

But folks who care more about the fight than the truth, well... you can see what they'll do.

(Edited for punctuation)

The rightist lie machine gets more and more desperate. They truly are pathetic.
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