Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm a little shocked...

Go read Glenn Greenwald.

The Democrats finally - *finally* - decided to stand up to the empty rhetoric and fearmongering of the Bushies.

Democratic Representatives, I'm hesitant to salute you. I want to. I want to gush about how wonderful this is and how it's the sign of things to come.

But with the pathetic collapse of your colleagues in the Senate, I'm afraid to. I'm afraid I'll feel hope. I'm afraid I'll start to think we'll finally see some accountability. And then I'm afraid you'll decide that you have to play it safe again, and not make waves, and not take a stand, because, you know, isn't taking a stand against evil and lawbreaking by Republicans partisanship, and isn't America sick of partisanship?

America is sick of partisanship, but America is not, and never will be, sick of principled people taking a stand for principled reasons.

Now it's time for you to take that stand. Now it's time to show you won't be bullied any more. Collapse on this, give up on this point, and your actions will seem petulant, a tit-for-tat when the Republicans acted so childishly, staging their walkout. But take a stand, and refuse telecom immunity, and refuse to budge on the damnfoolishness the Senate has included in its bill, and you'll be showing principle.

Show it long enough, and people will finally start to believe its true.

I wish I could believe it today, but I can't. I won't. The Democrats have disappointed this country - not me, not their fellow Democrats, not liberal folks, but this entire country - too often in the recent past. This is a hopeful sign; please, do your part to make it blossom into full blown hope.

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