Sunday, March 02, 2008

As I was saying...

As I was saying in my last post
, Senator Obama has taken a stand that will be used against him by those who want gay folks to be second class citizens.

The way the right wing argues against gay marriage is really interesting. They realize that they haven't got a leg to stand on when people ask "why the heck not?" so they insist, over and over, that allowing gay folks to marry would be harmful to marriage, nay, to all of society, because marriage is the foundation upon which societies are built.

Like with so, so many of their arguments, it works, as long as you don't bother thinking about it. The concept of marriage generally arose over issues of property. I reckon that before sufficient complexities over property arose, there were plenty of families, but no need for a body of law to make decisions about how to deal with them.

What happened before there were these laws? Well, the relationship is what made people a family. I like to say that "love makes a family," but I think love was probably considered the icing on the cake for many people. For most of human history, marriage has been a partnership. There just wasn't the opportunity to dabble around, living your life until you found "the one". So you found someone you thought would be a decent partner for you, and hoped you were right. That didn't make the familial bond any less important. Whether it was based on deep and abiding love, or a working partnership, it was still a family.

Well, today, there are plenty of families consisting of two men or two women, and possibly children. These are families; the relationship, and hopefully, the love, makes the family. It's long past time that the government recognized that familial bond.

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