Monday, March 24, 2008

A quick web search reveals...

... that Ann Coulter thinks that Reverend Wright is a terrible person for speaking hatefully about other people in America.

Which is, of course, hypocrisy of the highest order.

I have to say, while that woman is able to sell books and appear on major news programs, I don't think the Republicans have a leg to stand on when it comes to trying to attack Obama based upon the former pastor of his church. So, on the one hand, that's upsetting.

On the other hand, today I realized something. These folks are running scared, sweating bullets, and digging as deep as they can to get dirt on Obama. And what have they come up with?

His wife said she was "really proud" (not just, you know, ordinary proud) of her country for the first time - oh, and she later says that of course, she meant the political process, not pride in America as a whole. And that proves that she "hates America" because if you're just ordinary proud of America, that's code for hating America in wingnutese.

So, they have the slander of wingnuts. And they have his willingnes to stick around in a church that has a preacher that has said some upsetting stuff.

That's all they can tar him with, is guilt by association. His wife, based upon a spite-filled misinterpretation of what she said, and the man who baptized him, for having some angry ideas that he's willing to share from the pulpit. [1]

They can't get him. They can't show that Wright's comments had any negative effect on him at all. They can't point to any nastiness associated with him.

So they have to start digging into what other people say. "Judge Obama by other people, because if you judge him by the content of his character[2], the Republicans are well and truly screwed." And that's something to feel good about.

Deep down, they know that they're beaten, unless they find a lucky handful of mud to sling. So they will keep slinging away.

Maybe we should start a betting pool. When, exactly, will they start going after second order character smears? How far out will they go? Will they find out that Michelle Obama's sophomore college roommate had a friend who was a member of a group that used to have ties to another organization that, well, you get the idea.

How far will the go? How low will they go? And how much are they willing to take the chance that going further, and lower, will bring up some high power hatred, and completely sink them?

[1] I suppose you could include Rezco. Of course, there's no "there", there, but that doesn't stop the sleaze merchants from trying to pretend there might be, without any evidence whatsoever.

[2] *please* tell me I don't have to identify the quote....

Be prepared for outright falsehood. The Big Lie. Swift Boaters. If they can't find something real, they'll make it up.

Far as I'm concerned, the nice thing about the Obama pastor thing is that it pretty well puts to bed the "he's a Muslim" thing -- at least to anybody with half a brain cell, which is sometimes not universal.
Nod. At the same time, I think that they've shot their bolt, and are going to find out that, no matter how exciting they think this is at the moment, it's not going to last. And I think they're going to keep on digging and not finding anything meaningful.

That's my hope, anyway.
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