Monday, April 28, 2008

Reverend Wright speaks out...

I've seen this going through liberal blogs now.

Some folks are excited. Wright is going out there, showing that he is not the caricatured "angry black man" that people want to pretend that he is. He's smart, funny, and charming. He has the truth, and he's not afraid to use it.

And some folks are scared. And I don't blame them. Me, I'm almost heartsick with fear.

I've already heard the people spreading the bullshit claims that how Wright preached nothing but racial hatred and anti-semitism from the pulpit.

I've seen the racists coming out. They do their best to smear him, and I wonder if they know it sounds like they're saying "See, take the worst things he ever said, right? And those are the things that are most truthful! Because that's what we want to believe!"

But that is what it sounds like they're saying. They want to believe the worst of him, so they do.

The thing is, the truth doesn't support that. He's retiring from heading up a church. A church that feeds the hungry, that shelters the homeless, that visits the sick and imprisoned. You might think that litany sounds familiar, and that's because it's exactly what Jesus said would be true of those he judged to be righteous on the day of judgment.

If the world was just, the folks trying to smear Wright would have to try to reconcile Wright's good works with the lies being told about him. But it's not a just world. Wrights critics don't have to dig in and seek the truth. The can just hate him and call him an angry, hateful black man, and not care about about the good that he does.

And yeah, it scares me, it sickens me, to see them doing this. It makes me wonder if we deserve people like George W. Bush as our leaders, if we can be so easily swayed by stupidity and hatred.

But I realize that, you know something? It's probably time. It's probably time for our greatest test this election cycle. Can we, the American people, learn that the Evil Demon Wright is just a man - flawed like every other man, but essentially good?

It's time to put this controversy to rest. It's time to know the truth. If Wright is going to sink Obama's chances, the time to do it is right now. Better now, than in November, that's for sure!

Because Obama's biggest weapon in this campaign is his authenticity. If he starts having to hide parts of himself, if he has to start showing a false face everywhere he goes, that's going to kill what he has to offer this country. I support Obama because he's real, because he can spout cliched platitudes about change and about us all working together and make them new again, because he really means them. And part of who he is, is a man who respects Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

His best hope to win is to let America see that Wright is someone that a good man can respect... and the only way to do that, is let us see enough of Wright that we can make that call.

It could break him... but if it doesn't, I think it'll put this controversy to rest, forever.


Beautifully stated. You paint an introspective scenario I hadn’t quite considered. It really makes a lot of sense. Right now we have Wright appearing in person, in a 3-day media blitz, which actually takes away whatever was left to this “controversy.” It effectively bleeds it dry.

Now we just have to wait and see what happens in this very unscripted moment, soon we”ll see just how much the MSM’s framing of the “Wright controversy” matters.

So we’re left with this– if this can't take Obma out, what else could?
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