Monday, April 28, 2008

Supreme Court demonstrates common sense idiocy

Okay, so, the Supreme Court of the United States just said that it's okay to require photo identification at the polling place.

To quote from Yahoo's AP article:
"We cannot conclude that the statute imposes 'excessively burdensome requirements' on any class of voters," Stevens said.

Stevens' opinion suggests that the outcome could be different in a state where voters could provide evidence that their rights had been impaired.

Okay, so check this out. You're poor, or elderly, or homeless. You have a hard time providing a photo idea, so one of your most sacred rights is in danger.

But that's okay because there's no evidence that your rights have been impaired. All you have to do is file a court case alleging discrimination, and the court might decide to grant you your rights.

Isn't that great? If you don't have a photo idea, for whatever reason, that's cool, because you can just file a court case, and a few years down the road, someone might deign to grant you your right to vote!

Ever since the Supreme Court decided that a full, fair count of the votes was a violation of equal protection, the Court has shown contempt for voting rights, but this isn't just contempt, it's idiocy. People who don't have the power to maintain and preset a photo ID don't have the power to establish that their rights are being violated.

This decision basically says that rights are only for the powerful, those who can raise enough of a fuss, those who have the resources to be heard.

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