Thursday, May 15, 2008

An imaginary conversation

Person1: "Hey you stupid Hillary Clinton supporters, stop supporting that stupid bitch and start helping us bring the party together!"

Person2: "I actually prefer Clinton to Obama, and while I'm not so small minded as to vote for John McCain over Barack Obama, I'm not exactly happy that you just called me stupid and called the smart Democratic woman I support a stupid bitch, and that, in the name of unifying the party."

Person1: "Wow, this is awkward. Hey, 'Weirdo, could you get me out of this? 'Weirdo? Could you at least fade to..."

If the Dems can manage to avoid devouring each other - and in the process, turning all those new, enthusiastic, young voters off politics for good - they might just have a shot at both the presidency and control of Congress.

Some days that seems like a dauntingly bit "if," though.
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