Monday, June 30, 2008

Maybe I just don't understand...

...what it takes to be President. Nevertheless, I agree:

Being in a fighter plane, and getting shot down, is not, in fact, a qualification to be President."

Now, maybe I just don't get it. Maybe being shot down while flying a fighter jet is some kind of super-secret duty of Presidents. Maybe that's why the Republicans considered Reagan to be so wonderful - can you imagine that old guy lasting ten seconds under enemy fire? Listen: no insult to Reagan's flying abilities is intended, but we don't send old guys up in fighter jets for a reason. So, just due to his age, I bet he could get shot down better than most. Is that what makes him popular?

And George HW Bush, he did, in fact, get shot down by enemy fire, in WW II.

I'm sure that if George W. had actually volunteered for fighter pilot duty, and volunteered to go to Vietnam, he could have been shot down - assuming he flew as well as he runs a government, I bet he'd get shot down quicker and better than any President, including Reagan.

On the other hand, Clinton protested our service folks' getting shot down and did so on foreign soil... and the Republicans hated him for it.

So maybe that is considered part of the Republican Party platform.

Nevertheless, I must respectfully disagree. Being shot down is not a qualification for being President. It's not a disqualifier, either... but it's not a qualification.

Neither is being held captive, being tortured, beaten, or sustaining injuries at the hands of your captives. Many fine Presidents were not POWs. Washington was never a POW, was he?

But let's not look at the negatives here. On the plus side, we get to learn a bit more about what Mr. "Straight Talk" McCain has to say about twisting other people's words and using them to attack.

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