Thursday, July 03, 2008

I remember Colbert...

A couple years back, at the White House Press Correspondent's dinner, Colbert announced that Bush was the decider; he decides. Tony Snow recites what he's decided. Then, the reporters transcribe what Tony Snow recites. Okay, that's the job, got it? Decides, recite, transcribe. Then reporters can get back to writing that story about the brave journalist standing up to the government... you know, *FICTION*.

Zing, I say... zing.

But pretty sad too.

Today we have the same thing going on... only with Dana Perino rather than Tony Snow.

Bush decided to whine about the Supreme Court decision granting detainees habeas corpus rights. Dana dictated his whine; the reporters transcribed it.

Look, I don't want to be mean... oh, hell, who am I kidding? Of course I want to be mean!

But I don't want to be unjustifiably mean.

Okay, but this is justifiable. President Bush made an unsupported claim... that he, as President, could grab anyone, under any circumstances, and claim that they were an illegal combatant, and ship them to Guantanemo naval base to be held indefinitely.

Any first year law student should have been able to point out that the courts might rule that people snatched by the US government have rights. I mean, it's not like these people were all known to be enemy soldiers. That's the point, isn't it? If they were enemy soldiers, they'd be POWs. The point is, Bush is claiming that these people were enemies who disguised themselves as ordinary people.

And, he claimed that he was the only person who had to be satisfied by that designation. No namby-pamby judge gets to decide whether or not the government has acted illegally, nuh-uh! Who do those judges think they are, making legal decisions?

It was always a weak claim, and a pretty stupid one, and every time it was tested in court, it was ultimately rejected. And it's been on extremely shaky ground since at least 2006. So, he's had two years to figure out what to do.

And now, he's complaining that he doesn't know what to do, and he's scared that things might happen that he doesn't like. Well, boo-friggin'-hoo, a competent executive would have been planning for this and working on the assumption that this might come up.

For the record, judges aren't stupid. They are not going to order the release of anyone that the government can show is a true, honest-to-goodness risk.

But they're not going to put up with the whining of a President who can't deal with a situation he's seen coming for two years.

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