Tuesday, August 05, 2008


This deserves a full and fair investigation. Ron Suskind is claiming that the Bush administration was involved in a forged letter claiming an Iraq/Al Qaeda link; the people involved are denying it, which they'd do if they were innocent or guilty.

We should be confident that this will be dug into, and the truth would be revealed.

Who is betting that's going to happen?

Show of hands?

Oh, you'd already figured it was a show of hands, it's just no one was raising theirs.

Yeah, about what I figured.

This... this really makes me sick.

This shouldn't be a partisan matter. This should be something the Republicans want to dig into ruthlessly to expose Suskind as a liar and/or incompetent. This should be something the Democrats would be excruciatingly fair about, but absolutely unwilling to compromise on, or accept excuses for.

But it being an election year, I reckon it'll all be swept under the rug for fear of appearing too partisan. Sure wouldn't want criminal behavior to be investigated if it would lead to charges of partisanship!

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