Monday, August 04, 2008

Glenn Greenwald smells a rat...

And I don't blame him.

The story going around is that they think they have closed the case of the anthrax attacks that occurred after 9/11. Bruce Ivins was the big bad guy behind it all.

Now, Glenn's not positing any great conspiracy theory, nor am I. But he's pointing out that there are a lot of unanswered questions, and I agree.

There are two things that stick out about this story that bother me especially.

The first thing is, the claim is that he was about to be indicted, and knew about it. Sometimes, this is good legal work. Let the small fish know that they're about to be hooked, and they'll decide to help you catch the big fish.

But is this normal procedure when there are five murders being investigated? Especially if he's the big bad guy? I think if they have solid evidence that he's even peripherally involved, they don't say "you're about to be indicted, it's time to sing." I think then it's time to say "you're under arrest, and you're facing the death penalty; it's time to sing."

Hey, I'm no lawyer, and I honestly don't know. Maybe they figured Ivins didn't have the means to run away. I mean, gas is expensive, so surely he wouldn't get in his car and just start driving away, hitting every ATM he can before his accounts are frozen.

All kidding aside, really, I don't know. Maybe there was a good reason for this. It just strikes me as funny.

But there's something else that really sticks out. The word is, he killed himself with Tylenol with codeine.

Now, I've known a fair number of biologists. None of them would ever contemplate killing themselves with Tylenol. See, Tylenol is hepatoxic - it damages the liver. When your liver fails, you are going to be incredibly sick, and it's not like being in pain, where they can give you morphine. Hell, they can't give you much of any drug, when your liver is toast. It's a slow, horrible way to die.

If they'd said he hanged himself, I'd believe that; it's quick, if you do it right. But Tylenol?

It makes more sense if it turns out he took so much codeine (maybe mixed with alcohol) that he was all-but guaranteed to die. There's just one problem with that scenario. Where did he get that much codeine?

He'd just been hospitalized for depression.

No competent doctor would give him a prescription for that much codeine. You don't give people fresh out of mental hospitals lethal doses of drugs.

Okay, but maybe he lied to a doctor, and didn't mention his recent hospitalization. Hey, it's possible. I'm not saying it's impossible.

I'm just saying there are a fair number of questions that need to be answered. There are inconsistencies with this story that stick out like a sore thumb. And I hope people are going to stay on top of this, and not let it slip off the radar.

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