Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav and the Republican National Convention

Have you noticed how wary the Republicans are being about Gustav?

Isn't that kind of puzzling?

I mean, they've had *three years* to make the changes that needed to be made after Katrina, right?

Are they still unable to mount an emergency response in a competent manner without having making major changes to their schedules?

Both Bush and Cheney are skipping the convention... why? Wouldn't it be enough to make sure there were open lines of communication? That they could be contacted at a moment's notice, that there'd be a helicopter to take them to the airport, if need be?

They might turn the convention into a telethon to raise money for the storm victims. Why? Is the government still not able to help out? Haven't they already made plans for the next Katrina, or were they just counting on there never being another nasty hurricane (at least, not during an election year)?

Face it; a competent President doesn't need to be sitting by the phones, maintaining an appearance of alertness and concern. A competent President has plans in place to make sure that his people can handle any normal situation in an emergency, and he'll only need to be contacted if things go horribly wrong.

So Bush and Cheney skipping the convention is not exactly a point in their favor, you know? Especially not when McCain is going to be there... and he's ready to lead (or so they all say). So, what, even with Bush, Cheney, and McCain in the same place, they can't put together a competent response long distance? They still need the chief executives sitting by the phones, looking concerned?

Sounds like just the excuse B&C need for staying away from a convention where they might just get boo'd off the stage.
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