Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Houses and elitism

So, I'm sure you've heard. John McCain was asked how many houses he owned, and couldn't answer... he has enough houses that is't hard to keep track. The Obama campaign has taken several shots at him, and there has been a reaction to it. "Class warfare" they call it, but that's just a weak attempt to lie their way out the trouble they're in.

It's not class warfare. The McCain campaign - including McCain himself - have pushed to paint Obama as "not one of us", as an "elitist" as "out of touch". But did McCain ever have grounds to make such accusations?

Obama is a self-made man, a man who used his extraordinary abilities to make a good life for himself and his family. Not an elitist, but an elite. John McCain married into money, and no one begrudges him that. But he has no call, and certainly no right, to point to a man who's earned his place in the world by dint of hard work and extraordinary abilities.

But he did. He claimed that a man who isn't like us is a man who should be scorned and denied the Presidency of this nation. I say that we should take him at his word.

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