Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is John McCain ready to lead?

So, back in 2000, John McCain called people who belonged to the crazed wing of the Evangelicals "agents of intolerance". That was a strong, principled stand to take, given the Republican embrace of all things Envangelical.

But today, why, he just loves him some Evangelical folks, and nary a word will be spoken about intolerance.

For his entire political career, McCain has refused to budge on offshore oil drilling. But recently, after a cynical move by President Bush, he's all for it.

McCain opposes torture, but he backed a bill that would let the President decide if any particular method of torture is really torture... in short, to allow torture, as long as the President keeps it secret enough.

It's something folks should think about. A leader has to lead, not pander. Has McCain shown he can do so?

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