Monday, September 08, 2008

Why are they scared?

So, the Republicans have decided to attack Barack Obama over his community activism. Right out of college, he decided to do some good helping other people, and they want to mock that.

And I wondered about that. Why are they afraid of this? You don't attack something if it's neutral or if it's a liability. If being a community organizer was actually worthy of mockery, they wouldn't bother to mention it (unless Obama was trying to hide it - at which point it would be a character issue, no doubt).

And then it struck me.

Where is the compassion in their campaign?

George W. pretended to be a new conservative, a "compassionate conservative". Now, me, I knew that was BS. It was just a feel-good line to use, and he's since proven it was meaningless.

But what about McCain? He's not even paying lip service.

Joe Biden put it well... they're not even trying to mention helping the middle class.

They're scared. And who can blame them?

Look, McCain is an angry old man. Don't hate me, I'm just the messenger, okay?

And Palin? Well... the Republicans have been whining so much about Palin, that I'll try to be kind, but come on, folks... do the Republicans really have grounds to be aghast that people are saying mean things about her, some of which aren't even true? I didn't hear them defending Obama against false rumors... did you?

So, Palin... folks, have you, at any time in the past 8 years, thought "if only Bush or Cheney knew how to field dress a moose..."? Have you ever thought "Damn it all, if only someone with the experience of being a small town mayor was in the White House..."?

She sounds like an interesting person to know, I'll grant you that (assuming she's not as mean-spirited as she looked at the convention - mean people suck)... but she doesn't exactly make me think "that's who I want running this country!"

And neither she nor McCain can pretend to bring compassion to this country. You can't make attack dog speeches and pretend that compassion is your stock in trade, especially not while mocking a man for trying to help folks out.

So, I think that's it. There's a compassion gap, and it's looming large, so the Republicans have to go on the attack.

I don't think it's going to work. Compassion - the real thing, the kind of thing you see from Obama and Biden - is hard to beat.

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