Saturday, October 04, 2008

Final (?) entry on the VP debate

So, thinking about the VP debate overnight, here's what sticks.

Palin is a cheerleader. Now, there's nothing emphatically wrong with that; sometimes you need a perky booster to go out and spread your message. But, even as vice-president, she thinks she should get more than just a supporting (cheerleading) role. And, as President - let's face it, 72 year old cancer survivors aren't a good actuarial bet for long term survival - she'd be in over her head. Presidents are cheerleaders, to some extent, but they need to be more than that.

Biden is a partner, and ready to take over. But he doesn't feel entitled to take a leadership role. He's a supporter. And, if he is needed to step in, he can do it.

So, the one who is least able to lead wants the most power, and the one who is most able to lead is most willing to play a supporting role.

If I were undecided - if I could vote for McCain after he gave the green-light to the Bushies on torture - that would be the clincher for me. The Obama-Biden team is experienced, rock solid, and both have an understanding of their roles. Biden might play Obama's attack dog, saying things that Obama shouldn't say, but he won't play the Cheney game of doing things to deflect blame from the President.

We have to suspect that Palin will.

And, face it... she just isn't qualified.

She's not stupid; much though her answers are beauty queen answers, beauty queens aren't stupid. It takes a great deal of skill to answer questions on the fly. But there's a difference between being able to rattle off some really good sounding talking points really quickly, and having real depth of ideas and character.

Putin isn't going to care that McCain and Palin are "a couple of mavericks, you betcha!" Nor will the Iranian religious leaders (who, note, control foreign policy - Ahmadinejad's power is domestic). Hell, life isn't going to care that they have some good talking points and at least one pretty face to repeat them (no offense, Senator McCain; my own face is nothing to write home about either).

So, she's not qualified, but she isn't willing to be just a partner. And Biden is extremely qualified, and shows the temperament to be a hell of a good VP.

As far as I'm concerned that would have settled it, if McCain's flop on torture hadn't done it already.

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