Saturday, October 04, 2008

John McCain: American hero

America needs a hero like John McCain. Just ask him.

He's a maverick bucking his party on the war in Iraq, uh, torture, um, agents of intolerance, er, the economy well, lots of issues.

And he showed that he cares about this nation because he suspended his campaign, repeat, he suspended his campaign, and tried to put politics aside, to deal with the financial crisis. Indeed, we need a man who suspended his campaign, and, you know, put the country first, putting politics aside, and didn't do this for his Presidential campaign, in order to deal with the financial mess.

And if it hadn't been for those horrible, partisan Democrats (66% voting in favor), America would have had that bill passed last Monday by the heroic Republicans (66% voting opposed), who are led by a man who, though he hates to talk about it, used to be a POW, and suspended his campaign to try to deal with the issue.

It's not his fault that the main stream media is pretending his gracious and heroic suspension of his campaign was just a cheap and tawdry political stunt. It just shows that they're in the tank for that horrible Barack Obama who wants to raise taxes and kill jobs and hasn't ever been a POW and who wouldn't ever suspend his campaign to deal with a financial crisis.

Don't forget: John McCain, without any political consideration of the issue at all, suspended his campaign, to deal with the crisis because he cares more about this country, than he does about politics.

Oh, and before you even think about noticing how often he mentions his non-partisan, non-political campaign suspension, don't you dare insinuate that a former POW who was tortured brutally would ever do such a thing!

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