Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thoughts after watching Tuesday's Presidential debate

Better late than never, but...

"Gee, whiz, Senator McCain, when you lower your voice, and put that tone into it, everything that I've rejected from you just makes perfect sense, now!"

People were warning Obama not to sound professorial, but geez, McCain spent about half the debate sounding like someone trying to talk to children. You know, that false eagerness, that false "oh boy!" quality?

I can see why he's going for Ayers, now, because he really doesn't have much left. Obama is looking more and more like a President, and he's looking more and more like the guy going through the motions, trying his best. He looks like Bob Dole, holding on hoping for some horrible event to upset the man who is clearly going to win.

There's one difference.

I kinda felt sorry for Dole. He struck me as a decent man, a man I had to oppose because he was beholden to the Republican special interests.

Bob Dole didn't call the Falwell-ish types "agents of intolerance" and then turn around and plant big sloppy kisses on them. Bob Dole didn't try to broker a deal on torture, and claim he got torture outlawed, but leave a huge opening where only the executive - the very branch doing the torture - gets to decide what's torture. Bob Dole didn't pull a cynical switcheroo on offshore drilling.

Dole soldiered on, knowing he was going to lose. But though his campaign was negative - aren't almost all of them negative? - I could only imagine his response if someone had called his opponent - Bill Clinton, no less! - a "terrorist" or if he saw some of the recent venom being seen at McCain and Palin rallies over the past few days. When the election was over, I'd have wanted to clasp his hand and say "you done good."

I'll have no such urge when McCain finally goes down to defeat.

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