Tuesday, November 04, 2008


This election day presents a choice that is really pretty clear.

The United States started a war against a nation that presented no meaningful threat, based upon flawed intelligence.

Do you want to vote for the man who insists it's a great idea, and insists that we need to keep a troop presence there for as long as we can, hell, for a hundred years, if we can manage it?

Or do you want the man who was against the war from the start, saying it was a bad idea, and wants to bring out troops home?

Bill Ayers, a former terrorist, is now an activist for educational reform.

If you think you have to avoid any educational reform attempt that is tainted by the presence of Bill Ayers, you would probably count that as a strike against Obama.

On the other hand, if you think that it's okay to work for educational reform, even if you end up rubbing shoulders with some people who used to do nasty things, then you'll probably consider the accusations in that previous paragraph pretty lame... and that'll be a strike against McCain.

Do you think this economy will be fixed with a few tax cuts for the rich, and a bit more deregulation? Then vote for McCain. Don't worry; he's a maverick, and he's sure to knock heads together and *fix* things, because he said so, and don't forget, he suspended his campaign to... well, not really accomplish anything. But he did suspend that campaign, and it wasn't a stunt, just ask him!

On the other hand, if you want a man who'll bring his prodigious intelligence to bear on the issue, and find sensible regulations to try to put things right, you probably want Obama.

But on a par with the issues, think about the styles of campaigning, and thus, the style of governance.

The Democrats have bent over backwards to call John McCain a good man, with whom they have some strong disagreements.

The Republicans have called Barack Obama a socialist, a marxist, a baby-killer, and scorned the idea of helping folks in the community (because Obama was a community organizer for a while).

What do you think our country needs right now? Inclusion and principled disagreement? Or divisiveness and anger?

Go out there. Vote. Help other folks vote. Remind other people that it matters.

Well said, indeed!
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