Wednesday, November 19, 2008

President-elect Obama

Dear President-elect Obama:

There are three phrases that I expect that you're already polishing up. If you want to keep my support, we'll hear them (or hear about them).


"You have your orders; follow them."

In other words, don't let anyone in the military, no matter how high ranking, or how well respected, push you around. Clinton made that mistake. Yes, some people in the military didn't respect him too much. But even if they don't respect you at first, they'll respect you even less if you let a lower ranking officer - and that's all of them! - push you around. Listen to them, respect their point of view, and then give them their orders, and make those orders stick.


"We intended to do nothing more than make a cursory investigation. Unfortunately, the seriousness of the lawbreaking involved required us to investigate more deeply."

President Bush has engaged in, or covered up, a great deal of law breaking. You can't let the law become a victim of "post partisanship".

Even if you don't (or can't) prosecute criminals from the Bush administration, you must reveal their lawbreaking, and you must insist that, if this happens again, the perpetrators will be punished.

Make the investigations fair, but investigate.


"Senator Lieberman, I don't think you understood me. I didn't ask you how you intended to vote. I told you I expected your support, and I'm going to get it."

You're trying to turn him into LBJ, I think, and I'm really not getting that vibe.
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