Friday, January 23, 2009

Brownback embraces his inner coward

What else can you call this, other than an embrace of cowardice?

To say that any wrong can be committed, that any violation of human rights can be allowed, to protect the safety and security of the American people is to say that it's acceptable to let fear drive you into doing something evil and wrong. And it's not.

It's a very human failing, mind you... lots of people do stupid or evil things out of fear. But the answer to that is not to say "well, I was afraid so that makes it all right". The answer to that is to assess the fear in a rational manner, and do better next time.

Is that what Brownback is doing? No, he thinks the Bushies didn't do enough!

The president must convince the American people that releasing detainees or placing them in other facilities will improve the level of security they enjoyed under pre-existing policies

He wants even greater security; he's scared of a bunch of people (most of whom are innocent of wrongdoing) who are kept in a lockup (a great many in solitary) and he wants Obama to convince him that he'll be even safer in the future.

It's idiotic, as well as cowardly.

Or, maybe it's not. Maybe he's just feigning these concerns to try to hamstring the Obama administration. It's possible.

I guess, if so, it would make him better than a cowardly idiot; we could violate standard English noun formation, and grant him the title of "Cowardly Lyin'".

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