Friday, January 16, 2009

Stupid or lying?

So, the latest, and hopefully last, rendition of "Is he stupid, or is he lying?" by George W. Bush happened last night.

I found his one claim to be a particularly delicious example of something that proves he's either an idiot or a liar. There's good and evil, he said. And between them, there can be no compromise.

This from a President who has authorized torture and kidnapping. He clearly has compromised between good and evil, and either is too stupid to realize that he's capable of evil, or lying to himself and us about it.

But which is it?

I'm more inclined to think it's stupidity, keeping in mind that people can be painfully stupid in some ways, while being intelligent in others. And it's the kind of stupidity that he's being supported in by his pals and fellow Republicans.

I mean, look around. You'll see Republicans insisting that Bush "kept us safe".

How would they know? Are they members of Al Qaeda, and know that all attacks that had been planned were thwarted? Because the other option is that Al Qaeda chose to attack us in Afghanistan and Iraq instead of in the US.

You'll see Republicans insisting that there were only three instances of water-boarding, because that's all the CIA would admit to... as if the CIA is incapable of lying.

(A spy agency? Lying? Say it isn't so!)

You'll see them talk about American values while ignoring that American values are rooted in the notion that all people, not just Americans, have certain inalienable rights.

I'm not capable of believing that they're all lying, but I'm perfectly capable of believing that they've all gone stupid in the face of their own inane repetitions of pro-Bush talking points.

There's even a term for it... cognitive dissonance. It's the kind of thing you get when you talk about good and turn around and ignore what you've just said, and do evil things. The brain strains to reconcile the two, and it makes you stupid.

Which hearkens back to Bush's speech, doesn't it? You can't compromise between good and evil.

If you try, it makes you stupid. Case in point.

Stupid or lying?

Embrace the power of "and."

And good riddance...
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