Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How smart is Obama?

With talk of the drop of the public option, I've been wondering how smart Obama is.

If he's not very smart, then he's actually willing to drop the public option. He's willing to cave. The Republicans will never give up trying to stop him at every turn. Just like Bill Clinton, who folded on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the Republicans will smell vulnerability and use it as often as they can.

On the other hand...

On the other hand, if he's been intending to push substantial health care reform, with the intention of showing that he's willing to work with the Republicans, but only if they'll work with him, he might just be smarter than many of us expected.

He's exposed the lengths to which the Republicans will go - lying about reimbursement for living wills counseling, lying about government control of health care, lying about socialization of our health care system. He's drawn out the batshit crazy - apologies for the language, but sometimes profanity is appropriate - and shown the dishonesty that the Republicans will use for partisan advantage.

He'll have given them every chance to get on board... and they'll have, quite clearly, said "no".

If he gets a good bill passed after all this, he'll look like a hero, and they'll all look like villains.

I hope that President Obama is exactly that smart. But now is not the time to trust him.

Call, write, and e-mail your Representative and Senators. Tell them you *demand* solid health care reform, with a strong public option. Tell them that if they can't lead on this, they deserve to lose their jobs, and you'll do your best to make that happen. And mean it.

If health care reform fails, it won't just be Congress, or the Blue Dogs or the Republicans... it'll be the people who wanted it, and didn't make the prospect of seeing it fail scarier than passing it.

His bringing the terrorist trial to downtown New York suggests he's a full blown moron.

God forbid something happens (single incident or worse) and Obama will be one and done for this stupidity. Having that garbage tried in criminal court is a HUGE mistake, but if he's going to do it, he should be thinking of another venue ... somewhere remote, like the moon, because now that it's a criminal proceeding, there's no way those pieces of shit can get a fair trial anyplace but the moon. They get acquitted (and probably should be if the only evidence they have is from torture), and that'll go over like an orchestra of farts in a church. Some single crazy extremist (any extremist) kills somebody and the Reps will want Obama impeached (and at that point, I'll be all for it).

This is an incredibly stupid move on Obama's part ... and it'll haunt him, no doubt ... let's just hope it isn't at our expense (like his fiscal policies thus far).
You know, Charlie, sometimes, a courageous man has to face the dangers, and do what's right. We've dealt with terrorists in the US courts before; we can deal with them again. And yes, there will be a lot of people who are shouting for his head. There are a lot of risks.

But it's long past time we showed that we, as a nation, are more than equal to those risks.
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