Saturday, August 01, 2009

A sample of what's wrong with this country's political climate

Do a search on "health care bill euthanasia" and you'll start to see results pop up where people are claiming that the health care reform bill "promotes euthanasia"

What the health care reform bill actually does is this.

Let's say you want to make our a living will to specify your end of life treatments. Do you want them to continue treatment as long as there's any hope at all? Cool; you can put that in a living will. Do you want them to let you die in peace, rather than keep you alive through artificial means? Cool; you can put that in a living will. You want continued treatment in on circumstance, and want them to stop trying in another? Cool; you can make sure your living will is put together so your wishes are known.

The health care reform bill says that, if you want counseling to help do that, insurance has to pay for it.

Now, in a sane world, anyone who claimed this "promotes euthanasia" would be branded an idiot (for failing to check the facts), or the most despicable form of liar (for knowingly spreading such a hateful lie), and would never be taken seriously again.

In a sane world, such a person wouldn't be listened to if they later claimed that Republicans wanted to cut taxes on the rich - "hey, you were so hideously wrong, or told such a despicable lie, that we can't trust you about anything anymore!"

But in today's world, they can spread the message around, and be listened to, and believed.

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