Thursday, August 27, 2009

An unfair meme...

...but one I might like to see propagated.

Republicans can't get put in charge of Medicare, ever. Why? Because as soon as they hear about hopes to control costs, the only thing they can think about is euthanasia and other forms of hastening death.

They can't even easily imagine people having other opinions on the matter; they're so lacking in imagination that they are unable to say "no, that's not the intent! What kind of hateful idiot would spread such a story?"

Of course, this meme is unfair for two reasons.

One, anyone reading this must know that they're just bullshitting[1] for partisan advantage.

Two, anyone willing to allow anyone to believe such a despicable lie shouldn't be put in charge of anything... Medicare is just the beginning!

Oh, ouch, that wasn't very nice, was it? Sorry folks... but it's also true, isn't it?

[1] As always, I try to keep the language family friendly, but "BS" simply doesn't carry the same weight.

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