Saturday, November 07, 2009

I hate this kind of thing...

This kind of thing drives me buggy.

The article is about how this guy wants a memorial to say that "Muslim terrorists" murdered his son. On the one hand, I understand the guy's anger. And I can't condemn him, as the father of a murder victim, for singling out Islam as part of his anger. It's not right - but it's understandable.

And the mature response is to sympathize with him, while acknowledging that government agencies can not, and should not, single out the religion of the attackers.

Unfortunately, we have people like Bill O'Reilly in this country, so maturity goes right out the window.

Look: here's the thing. Osama bin Ladin wants Muslims to think we're fighting Islam. We're not, but he'd like them to think that, so they harden in opposition against us.

So it's not just a matter of being mature, or of being honest... it's a matter of following a mature, and honest, strategy - telling the truth, that our enemy are the hateful followers of people like Osama bin Ladin, and not the billion plus peace loving Muslims in the world.

When I saw that I wondered why the town hadn't offered to make it "murdered by terrorists." I mean, from most perspectives that's accurate, it memorializes the truth - and it doesn't paint an entire faith with the broad brush. If the father had refused that, then I'd have to wonder about his motivations.
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