Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, now we learn.

So, the Democrats found that if you promise health care reform, and screw around and play all kinds of games for the better part of a year, and just can't get it done, you'll get people ticked off enough that they'll elect a Republican in Massachusetts.

So, now we learn something.

Do the Democrats really want health care reform?

It's still there, for the taking; they can pass the Senate bill, and fix it via reconciliation. Or, they can pass a smaller, common sense bill via reconciliation. Or, they can pass the bill piecemeal, and keep hammering the Republicans who will have to take unpopular votes against popular measures.

If they don't pass it, we'll know the truth: they don't really want it. Not if it's going to be hard. They were willing to pass it when they had all the time in the world to screw around and grandstand and demand goodies for cloture votes. But now, it's going to be hard. Now we know if they really want it, or not.

I hope they come through. Their credibility as a party is at stake. If they don't want health care reform enough to make it happen, then nothing they've said to us is worth anything.

And then, it'll be Massachusetts all over again in November... and deservedly so. Why should anyone vote for a party that they just can't trust?

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