Sunday, July 25, 2010

News about a mosque

Maha speaks for me, here.

Apparently, some Muslims want to build a mosque in New York, kinda-sorta-not-too-far from where the World Trade Center stood. And there are some people upset with it.


Because they think a mosque that close to "ground zero" will be painful to New York, a city with a lot more maturity than many members of the GOP?

Of course not.

No, the reason they're kicking up a fuss is simple.

The kinds of people who will be angry about them trying to attack the construction of a mosque are not the kinds of people who are likely to vote Republican. And they get to invoke xenophobia, and point to how "the left has forgotten the lessons of 9/11!"

Which tells you a lot about the mindset of the people who do this kind of thing.

ETA: Sorry, it's *not* a mosque, it's a community center. Making it even more ridiculous to be upset about it.

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