Monday, August 09, 2010

Yeah, Douthat's a twit...

A lot of people have pointed out that this is a lame column. And, they're right. "A bunch of people have this ideal, and if we don't fight for it by discriminating against gay folks, Bad Things Might Happen. Better the known damage happening right now than hurting some people's ideals, with unknown but scary damage in the future!

But I'm going to disregard the lame pathos inspired by Douthat's column, and instead point to the despicable lie he uses to end his column:

But based on Judge Walker’s logic — which suggests that any such distinction is bigoted and un-American — I don’t think a society that declares gay marriage to be a fundamental right will be capable of even entertaining this idea.

Judge Walker did not say anything about bigotry or being un-American.


But he made a decision that some people didn't like. And it's not enough to say that they disagree with his logic - they have to paint him as a bad person as well. "He's calling people bigots and un-American!"

See, that's the real bigotry, right? If people want to hurt gay folks, that doesn't make them bigots! And yet, here's this guy saying people can't keep hurting gay folks, and that means he's calling them bigots. He is the hateful one! He is the bigot!

Except it's all based on a lie. A lie intended to spread hatred of people who are different.

I'm sure there's a term for the hatred of those who are different. But I'm damned if I can remember it right now.

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