Monday, January 10, 2011

Not like anyone'll notice, but...

I think it's time for me to pack in this blog.

On Saturday, someone tried to murder Gabrielle Giffords.

And, a lot of people remembered that Sarah Palin had targeted her with a gun sight, and cheerfully tweeted crap like "don't retreat, reload!" and it upset them.

In any sane world, everyone would be upset, and Sarah Palin's future could be determined based upon one thing, and one thing only - was her apology for having made such a hideous picture sufficiently sincere and tearful that people really, truly believed she felt horrible about this awful coincidence.

Instead, she pulled down the poster, and had her aides claiming that, no, they weren't gunsights, they were surveyors symbols!

I'm betting she'll get by just fine. Lots of supporters will stand by her against the evil liberals.

But it's not just her. In any sane world, everyone who spoke angrily or hatefully would be thinking "what if someone else ends up dead?"

And they wouldn't be thinking of political futures or financial success. They'd be thinking about families and friends of the deceased. And they'd realize that, by all they hold holy and good, they do not want *anyone* to remember *anything* hateful they said about the next victim, if this happens again.

It would have become real. People would stop and realize these are real people, with real lives, that are being hurt - and sometimes killed.

Do you see any signs of anything becoming real? I don't.

I realized a long time ago that I wouldn't make a big difference in the blogging world. Much though I wish otherwise, I don't have the voice for it. But after a day like today, I realize I don't even have grounds for hope.

Oh, I will, again, someday. And maybe then, I'll try writing more in the political spectrum. But not now.

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